WELCOME " MEGAN'S FLUTTERBY FUND" SITE has been set up in memory of Megan Bell who died aged 13 years of a life limiting condition. Megan was profoundly disabled and during her lifetime we had to fund raise to obtain lots of specialized equipment and other things such as switches to activate toys and computer. The purchase of musical instruments ,which the children find so exciting and stimulating. Bean bags, mats, lights, mirrors the list is endless. A lot of this equipment to enrich her life was not supplied by the Health Service as they do not fund for lots of these things. We too had help from our local community, friends and wonderful people who helped us do this .

We now have set out to help other families with children like Megan in her memory to have these things through her Fund. Our aim is to raise funds to help special needs and life limited condition children in our local community to be able to have as many of these things that we are able to help towards or purchase for.
Being specialized equipment can cost from as little as £30 for a switch to hundreds of pounds depending on the childs ability, but can make such a difference to the childs everyday quality of life and the joy and achievement it can bring by being independent for those short moments . Fibre Optic lights and musical instruments such as a ocean drum again bring such enjoyment but cost around a £1000 for lights and £80+ for the drum.

We hope you like our Blog and please feel free to post your comments and Thankyou for taking the time to look .

Gisela & Anna Bell x



Hi Everyone,

It's that time of the year again, Christmas  nearly here and all the excitement of children loving the putting up of the tree and decorations and the build up to Santa's arrival on Christmas Eve.

We would like to wish you all


A Big Thank You to everyone that has supported us through the year with sponsored events and those that have given us donations., without your continued support we could not do it.

We hope that you all have the most amazing Christmas and all the children stay healthy to enjoy all the celebrations.

We will be posting  News in the New Year as we are hoping to set up an event for the children in the New Year as a get together and bit of fun I will post details nearer the time.

So all that is left is to again Thank you all and wish you all  A Very Happy Christmas  from all of us at the Fund xxxxxx 


Summer Holidays AND Now Autumn

Hi Everyone,

We hope that you have all had a wonderful Summer and those that have been away on holiday have had lots of fun and enjoyed it all.
We have to mention a thank you to Helen Wingfield who ran the Milton Keynes half marathon to raise funds for us. Many thanks Helen and I have heard from her mum that she and he  husband are expecting their first baby in the New Year. Such wonderful news congratulations to you both.

Summer has been quiet as usual but we have had enquires about equipment and awaiting feed back from professionals etc. which all takes a little time.

We now have a group on Face Book called "The Attic Emporium" which has a number of things For Sale that have been donated to us or are all Handmade crafts. There will be more items for sale as we build up towards Christmas and we have already got tables booked for the November
 Table Top / Craft Event  at St Francis Church will post later for that event date etc.

I hope all the children have had a lovely first day back to school and all those changing schools or just starting good luck and really happy times ahead.
Sending lots of healing love to any of the children that are sick at this time or undergoing treatment we send all our thoughts to you and your family and get well soons.

With all our Best Wishes

All of us at Megan's Fund  xxx



Hi Everyone,

We would just like to wish Everyone a Happy Easter and hope you all have a lovely time over the Easter weekend.

Just a couple of updates over the passed couple of weeks. Another request has been completed this week which always makes us smile.

Thank you for the message and picture from the family. WE are happy that we could be of help xxx

Alfie, Ben and I would like to say a massive thank you for the wonderful chair and all your help and advice. You are truly wonderful and have made a little boy very happy and comfortable. We can not thank you enough! Xxx

Enjoy your Easter everyone and hope you get lots of eggs xxxxxx




                                          JULIE EVANS RAN THE BATH 1/2 MARATHON
                                         AND RAISED £358.75 ON SUNDAY 12TH MARCH

Hi Everyone on Sunday 12th March 2017 Julie Evans  ran the Bath half marathon to raise money for Megan's Flutterby Fund . WE would like to say a huge thank you for her Fantastic effort and support raising £358.75.
All this fund raising support helps us to continue helping the children in our community.
Thank you also to the people that sponsored her ........Awesome .


New Year Update Of the Fund

Hi Everyone,

We are now into the New Year and hope that it will be a really Happy and Healthy one for us all. I know this season can be really tough on our little ones with all the nasty colds and viruses and already have had some poorly, so we send all get well wishes and hugs and speedy recoveries.
We also have some that have upcoming surgeries and will keep updated with those as they happen.

A massive Thank you to everyone that sent donations to us over the Christmas period a total sum of  £105 plus the sale of our Nutcracker Soldier £100  and  £75 Attic Sales Total £280  in December which is brilliant.

In  2016 we fulfilled 6 requests from Pulmolink oxymeter, 2 large bubble tubes, weighted blanket,tablet and help towards some communal wind chimes at JGS  total expenditure £2108.05 and fund raising and donations for the year £1397.45 which we think is super for a small local charity and still have a nice sum to bring forward for this year.

We hope to get some events sorted out through this year that maybe some of you can join us in and will post as and when we arrange them all.

Once again thank you to all those that continually support Megan's Fund and all our best wishes for the year ahead.

Gisela ,Anna and Trustees



Hello Everyone,

Well it is that time of the year nearly again CHRISTMAS Season. and we would like to wish everyone a really Happy Christmas.

For everyone that has supported us through the year we would like to say a huge thank you for all your help and fund raising efforts and donations.

This week we have found a new home for Our Six foot Wooden Nutcracker Soldier, donated to us by Mr Mark Elliott to raise funds. He went to his new home with Christine & Eddie Lange  for the great sum of £100 thank you both very much.

So it really is just a wish from all of us to all of you to  have a really Wonderful Christmas and for all the children to stay healthy and enjoy Santa's visit.

With All Our Best Wishes



Hi Everyone ,

A short update now we are at the start of Autumn.  We have been busy doing a few things and had wonderful people doing various events for us raising money and have had requests that we are all up to date with , the last one being only this month .

I also need to say a very Big Thank you to BEDFORDSHIRE ROLLER TEAM who raised money for us by having a cake stall at their Roller Team Event. £143.75. We have also had some  more donations via Virgin Money Giving It is so kind of everyone to give their support to our cause.

We also have a Page on Face Book      ..............   ATTIC EMPORIUM  ...........where I am listing handmade craft items and donated items for sale . Proceeds to Megan's Fund. We do the craft fayres etc when we can to sell these but we have quite a lot and I really need to move some of it and thought this a good idea to try. We have sold some which is great .

Only leaves me now to wish you a Happy Autumn and lots of fun with  Halloween and Bonfire Night and before we know it Christmas will be upon us.

Thank you Bedfordshire Roller Team xxxxx



Sporting Bears The Dream Rides Day at Rockingham this year. it will be on Wednesday 17 th AUGUST, it will be the same arrangement as before re AM or PM attendance.



Thank-you so much to our Team Evans in running the SILVERSTONE HALF MARATHON today and supporting  Megan's Flutterby Fund you are just awesome 👏👏👏👏👏.
With out the continued support of lovely people like this it would be impossible for us to do what we do and we appreciate so much all the people and friends that help us. Xxxxx


THANK YOU TO CFW Charted Accountants & Buisness Advisors Loddington Kettering

Hi Everyone,

We would like to say a big thank you to CFW  for their donation of £280 from a Christmas Raffle they do yearly and chose Megan's  Flutterby Fund as the recipient. It was a really lovely surprise and we thank you all for your support of the charity without your help we could not achieve what we do. x

Gisela, Anna & Natalie